New UX/UI Paradigm Just Dropped

Arc's Pinch-to-Summarize
A UI/UX so good that it's destined to be copied...

I mean, this is so good that I'm not even linking to an article. Just a Thread post which showcases of what I'm about to speak. Earlier today, The Browser Company dropped a seemingly small update to their Arc Search mobile web browser. I've written about this app before, it's early, but I think it's super interesting. Others think it's the worst thing in the world. But they're wrong. It's not the end of the web, or journalism. Both are constantly evolving. And will here as well.

Speaking of, holy fucking shit this new UI/UX that Arc Search just dropped in their dot-release today is amazing. Truly. From the first time you use it, it just makes sense. You perform a pinch gesture on a web page and voilà! You get an AI generated summary of that page. It's so good that I'm certain it's about to be copied by everyone. Pinch-to-summarize is the new pull-to-refresh.1

Currently, pinch-to-zoom-out on Safari (both iOS and macOS) simply takes you back to an overview of your tabs. It's fine. But there are other gestures that also do this – such as swiping up on the URL bar (if you have it at the bottom, as is now the standard). This is better. It almost feels magical. And it works well!

I really liked Artifact's (RIP) use of AI to summarize articles, but this makes it a full-throated feature of the web browser. I want it everywhere.

Update: Browser Company CEO Josh Miller on whom gets the credit for this creation:

1 Shoutout Tweetie -- we still remember and miss you. And kudos to Loren Brichter. The gesture has made it all the way to Mobile Safari itself.