Spyglass is a collection of written works, thoughts, and analysis by M.G. Siegler, a long-time technology investor and writer. While the main focus is on the technology sector, the site's purview shall know no bounds. The core aim is no-holds-barred.

Operationally, Spyglass is three core products rolled into one: a link blog, a column, and a newsletter. The link blog will be updated on weekdays daily.1 Columns will be posted multiple times a week. And the newsletter will be sent once a week.

Currently, all content is available free of charge. But soon enough, there will be a paid tier, to be called The Inner Ring, which will house the vast majority of said columns and core analysis. The link blog and newsletter will remain free.

You can follow along with posts on Threads or Xitter or via RSS. If you're interested in certain topics, those are segmented by #tags – and each has their own page as well as RSS feed. (For example, here's the feed for posts about Apple.)

The site is powered by Ghost and designed by JW.2

Inquire within: hi [at] spyglass.org

1 Assume there will be some content on the weekends as well, as time allows.

2 With an assist in some elements by MG, as in, me.