Spyglass is a collection of written works, thoughts, and analysis by M.G. Siegler, a long-time technology investor and writer. While the main focus is on the technology sector, the site's purview shall know no bounds. The core aim is no-holds-barred.

Operationally, Spyglass is three core products rolled into one: a link blog, a column, and a newsletter. The link blog will be updated on weekdays daily.1 Columns will be posted multiple times a week. And the newsletter will be sent once a week.

To get full access to the column, you will need to subscribe to the paid tier, 'The Inner Ring' (more about it here). The cost is $10/month or $100/year.

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$10/month or $100/year


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1 Assume there will be some content on the weekends as well, as time allows.

2 With an assist in some elements by MG, as in, me.