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July 2024
Backing the Winner
Attention VCs: going for Trump is no longer the contrarian bet…
How to Scale Paramount
Can Skydance finally, actually bridge Silicon Valley and Hollywood?
Almost All A.I. Investments are Going to Zero
Seemingly every investor I talk to these days is struggling with the same basic thing: they believe AI is going to be one of the most transformative technologies of the past several decades – and perhaps ever – but they have almost no idea how to invest in the space. And yet
June 2024
Being Too Early Is Worse Than Being Late
Amazon owned the AI assistant space -- until the space changed
Of Tadpoles and Tentpoles
A 10 step plan to save the movie theater business
Can Microsoft Build ‘Apple Intelligence’ in Reverse?
The countdown to ‘Microsoft Intelligence’ feels on. Sorry, OpenAI.
Did Apple Just End AI’s First Era?
AI’s performance arms race yields to the product arms race…
People at a Premium
AI will change Hollywood -- for the better
Can NVIDIA Become Intel Faster Than Everyone Becomes NVIDIA?
As money pours into AI, can NVIDIA stay ahead?
May 2024
Will OpenAI Bite the Microsoft Hand That Feeds?
A sense of tension between the two sides is inescapable
Ready or Not, Here Apple AI Comes
Will slow but not fully steady win the race?
The Overwhelming Chaos of AI is Underwhelming
The AI madness needs to settle to reach its potential -- and it will
Without Real Time Information, Threads is Pointless
Unleash the feeds
OpenAI Changes the Vocal Computing Game!
No sarcasm, just enthusiasm for GPT-4o
Apple Invents a Laptop with a Touchscreen
The new iPad Pro is awesome. And a bit silly.
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Some decidedly unhelpful thoughts about investing in AI startups…
April 2024
Oh, the Humanity of Vision Pro
Apple really should have released the Vision Pro as a dev kit
Is AI Spend the New Streaming Spend?
Wall Street loves to reward arms race spending -- until they don’t.
The ‘Going Direct’ Bullshit Debate
It’s driven by AI and it’s all PR anyway…