Can Microsoft Build 'Apple Intelligence' in Reverse?

The countdown to 'Microsoft Intelligence' feels on. Sorry, OpenAI.

The script has flipped.

For the past year, all we've heard is how Microsoft is one of the – if not the – key winners in the AI revolution. The foresight in partnering with OpenAI propelled this narrative all the way up to the launch of their new "Copilot+ PCs" a few weeks ago. The goal was clearly stated: these machines were coming to eat Apple's MacBook lunch. Apple Silicon may have destroyed Intel, but the game had changed thanks to AI. And the stock price of the two companies largely reflected such sentiment over that time. Microsoft pulled ahead of the once-dominant Apple, which even got overtaken by NVIDIA. A company which was once a David to Apple's Goliath. What changed? AI, of course.

Apple, meanwhile, released a $3,500 headset that few seemed to care about after a few weeks. The product clearly shipped before it was ready or anyone was ready for it. The car project finally got unplugged. And Apple generally seemed distracted, with revenue growth sucked out to sea as an AI tidal wave approached...

WWDC has changed the narrative, if not exactly the position of the companies, yet.

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