Did Apple Just End AI's First Era?

AI's performance arms race yields to the product arms race...

Having had a few days to digest Apple's WWDC keynote and with the hot takes out of the way, one high level thought I keep coming back to is if we'll look back on the announcement of "Apple Intelligence" as an important moment in the march of AI. What's perhaps most interesting there is that it's not any one product or even feature that Apple announced which may mark the moment in time. That is, there is no iPhone to be found here. Instead, it's more the way Apple approached the milestone and the very fact that they approached it now.

All of that is to say that I wouldn't be surprised if we look back at this WWDC as the end of a chaotic first era in our current AI epoch and the start of the shift into the next one. Perhaps the end of the current AI arms race that has propelled a handful of companies into positions of power with immense capital needs and more into a period where things start to settle to the point where actually useful products can be built on top of all of this new technology.

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