Without Real Time Information, Threads is Pointless

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Without Real Time Information, Threads is Pointless

Late last week, Scottie Scheffler, currently, without question, the best golfer in the world, was arrested just before the second round of one of golf's Major events. If that sounds crazy, it's because it was crazy. And it just got crazier from there, since Scheffler went to jail but also made it out in time to still make his tee time and play the round. We had video of basically all of this, including the arrest. Mug shots. Interviews. All in real-time thanks to social media.

And by that I mean every service that's not called Threads.

Threads is infuriating in this regard. It looks like Twitter, in many ways it sounds like Twitter, it has more or less everything it needs now to be Twitter – not Xitter, mind you, but the Twitter we all loved and lost – except one vital element: a focus on real time information.

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