Homescreen Ads

Microsoft Starts Testing Ads in Windows 11 Start Menu
The app recommendations from Windows 10 are coming to Windows 11 soon.

While it has been 20 years since I've used Windows regularly,1 I've been saying some nice things about it recently, as Microsoft apparently gears up to reorient the software around AI in a way that I think could make a lot of sense and potentially reinvigorate the operating system. I take it all back.

Microsoft says it’s starting to test ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11. The software maker will use the Recommended section of the Start menu, which usually shows file recommendations, to suggest apps from the Microsoft Store.

The UI equivalent of opening up your stocking on Christmas morning and finding a lump of coal. Or worse.

1 As Warren notes, this isn't exactly new for Microsoft, but it's nonetheless awful. We're already inundated with ads everywhere, for everything, can we please keep our computer homescreens sacred? Could you imagine if Apple gave one app slot on the iOS homescreen to an ad? I say that, but I'm mildly afraid that if Apple can't find the next revenue driver, they might try it too...