Apple Sticks a Fork in Stickers

New iPads Won’t Include Apple Stickers in the Box
In an effort to meet Apple’s environmental goals

A bit of a silly item, but it would mark the end of an era for Apple:

Apple today unveiled its new iPad Pro and iPad Air lineups, which are available to order now and will begin shipping next week. Unfortunately, there will be a key piece of memorabilia missing from iPad boxes this go around: Apple stickers.

In a memo distributed to Apple Store teams on Tuesday and viewed by 9to5Mac, Apple explained that Apple stickers will not be included in the box for the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. The company says that this is part of its environmental goals, as it strives to ensure its packaging is completely plastic-free.

I've been wondering for years how long the stickers would stick around. These stickers call back to an era before Apple was the largest consumer electronics maker in the world and were more a bit of whimsy to allow enthusiasts to show off their affinity for the brand. I can't tell you the number of Apple stickers I've seen on cars, on buses, on newsstands, etc. All around the world. They also, of course, became sort of a funny part of the rise in unboxing videos over the years.

I'm reminded a bit of when Apple stopped doing the glowing Apple logo on the back of MacBooks. Those were and remain iconic markers of Apple's brand. They also gave a killer way to showcase the rise of Apple on college campuses over the years. And then, just like that, they were gone. Axed in the relentless pursuit of thinness. Which may have culminated yesterday with the new iPads Pro.

All is not lost though:

Apple Stores, however, are receiving shipments with a limited quantity of Apple logo stickers that can be distributed to customers who buy a new iPad Pro or iPad Air, but only upon request. So, if you buy an iPad Pro or iPad Air from an Apple Store, you can request an Apple sticker at the time of purchase.

Basically, ask for a sticker: get a sticker. And I think this is an entirely reasonable trade. I have dozens of Apple stickers laying around which I'll never use (but refuse to throw out, much to my wife's chagrin), and they were just a waste of plastic. But I'm also weird, I buy way too many Apple products. To the person buying their one Apple product, those stickers are still an incalculable bit of delight, I imagine.

And they let Apple seed the world with their brand. But now the world simply needs less plastic. First power bricks and now stickers.