Spotify Baits Apple

Spotify will show pricing options outside its iOS app in the EU — if Apple lets it
It all depends on whether Apple approves.

Emma Roth:

Spotify isn’t going to launch the in-app purchases it previously planned for the European Union, at least right now. Instead, if Apple approves a newly submitted update, it’s going to try to do the next best thing: provide pricing information within the app and link users to its subscription options.

Spotify tells The Verge that it’s planning to make this change in response to the European Commission’s ruling on Monday, which fined Apple €1.84 billion (about $2 billion) for “abusing its dominant position” in the music streaming app distribution business. The European Commission found that Apple’s anti-steering rules prevent developers from telling users about “alternative and cheaper music subscription services available outside of the app.”

The key phrase in there is "if Apple approves a newly submitted update". To quote Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road, "that's bait".

This is obviously a (well-timed and played) attempt by Spotify to keep the pressure on Apple in light of this week's EU fine against the company (after heavy lobbying from Spotify). And, of course, just ahead of the initial reaction by the EU to Apple's proposed changes to their software and policies to be in line with the DMA rules. Which Apple keeps tweaking at the last minute, undoubtedly knowing that the EU reaction to their changes aren't likely going to be glowing...

If Apple rejects Spotify's update, expect all hell to break loose on the PR-front in this war. If they approve it, expect a "asking for a glass of milk" situation – i.e. Spotify is going to keep pushing, asking for more things until they get a rejection.

My guess would be that Apple waits until after the initial EU thoughts on their proposed changes until deciding what to do here. But we'll see soon enough!