The Crush of Defeat

Well played, Samsung

Samsung has a long history of mocking Apple – and its fans – with advertising campaigns. Most of them are dumb, especially since Samsung often just blatantly copies Apple on many product decisions. But this ad "Un-Crush" is good. It is, of course, a reference to Apple's decidedly tone-deaf "Crush!" commercial.

While I wouldn't call it subtle, it's more of a quiet yet clever dig. We have the creativity destroying press complete with paint still dripping out of it and a guitar that somehow survived the carnage. Which a woman picks up and starts playing... while reading some sheet music on her Samsung tablet – propped up on an art easel, no less. "Creativity cannot be crushed."1

Well, um, played.

1 Slight demerit for the name "Galaxy Tab S9 Series with Galaxy AI" which is as messy as Apple's crime scene and all sorts of Department of Redundancy Department ready.