Mainly, it feels like he’s getting bored with Xitter. Likely as the user base just continues to degrade down to lunatics and sycophants. While the ads are going... well, like this. His tweets have gone from being zany but interesting in some ways to dumb jokes to stealing memes to problematic (to say the least) to now just boring.

The above is just such a boring thing to say.1 It may have been provocative 5 years ago. Now it's more akin to Brick Tamland in Anchorman, "Hey! Where'd you get those clothes? At the toilet store?" But even that is a joke within a joke, which makes it funny because it's unfunny. This is just... lame.

Just to put this on the record: I'll be surprised if Xitter's ownership is the same as it is right now by the end of the year.

1 And it was edited!