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Happy Vision Pro Launch Day. As discussed previously, I don't actually have one in my hands today as I'm not in the United States. But I will be next week and I'm excited to try to figure out how to lug its coffin massive box back overseas, where everyone's vision remains decidedly non-pro, for now.

Given my posts on the matter, a number of people noted they were surprised at how negative I seemed about the device. But I am honestly excited to try it out. Of course I am! Given everything I've read about it, and my years doing this, I have a pretty good sense of what my reaction will be ahead of time, but there's no substitute for the experience itself, obviously. I'm simply trying to assess what I believe the reaction to and ultimate fate of the device will be. And that, I suspect, will be mixed at best.

Kudos to Apple (and Meta/Oculus before them) for pushing the envelope here. But these devices are not going to truly break out until they can nail the form factor. Apple has not done that yet, clearly. Which is fine! But I also don't believe their attempt to spin the Vision Pro as anything other than a device people will use alone is going to help the industry. They should just be honest about that.

It's the first version of many. Form factors will shrink โ€“ as will prices โ€“ technology will improve, just like it always does. And all of that will happen faster as a result of Apple shipping this now. They should just say all of that more directly, IMO.

But I do think related to the spin above โ€“ or perhaps because of it โ€“ Apple miscalculated with the EyeSight feature. I felt that way six months ago, and all the reviews have seemingly confirmed as much. We all get the intent, but such a feature also undoubtedly adds cost, weight, and hurts battery life. And that key, literal forward-facing element of the Vision Pro is getting panned, which again, isn't helping the cause here.

Anyway, the other interesting beneficiary of the Vision Pro's existence in the market right now is a fun one: Meta. Not only does Wall Street suddenly not care about the company draining โ€“ checks the just-released numbers โ€“ $4.65B(!) for the quarter and over $42B cumulative now into the "metaverse" efforts, the stock is up over 20% today. And 400% in the past 15 months! (Okay, maybe there are other reasons for that.) But the point is that Apple's entry into the market, even though they say they're creating a new market here, has taken immense pressure off of Meta in that one key regard. And it positions them well in the reasonable person market (which is to say, sub-$3,500 price points) for XR devices. Sure, the Vision Pro is leaps and bounds better in many ways, but it's also leaps and bounds less expensive. And most consumers thinking about jumping in are undoubtedly going to want to dip toes in such waters before doing the cannonball.

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WSJ Found the Two People on Earth Willing to Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime โ€“ Over the move to start showing ads in Prime Video (unless you pay more to remove the ads). I don't like TV commercials. And I don't like the nickle-and-diming. But come on, no one is unsubscribing from Prime over this.

Thanks, I Hate It โ€“ While Apple may be doing Mark Zuckerberg an indirect favor with the Vision Pro launch, Zuckerberg is not exactly returning the favor, as he called Apple's proposed DMA changes "onerous", joining Epic, Spotify, Microsoft, and pretty much everyone else.

The Sports Illustrated Cover, a Faded Canvas That Once Defined Sports โ€“ It is truly wild how much the cover of the magazine used to matter, and how seared in our memories many of those covers are for any of us who are old enough. And now, sadly, poof.

Om's Magic Vision Pro Moments โ€“ Per above, it's really easy to overthink and analyze the Vision Pro right now, especially before using it. Just a few simple things will undoubtedly make it "wow" right out of the box.

Alexa, Clean My House โ€“ In light of Amazon walking away from their deal to buy iRobot (under immense regulatory pressure โ€“ again, to buy a robot vacuum company), it's worth re-reading Brad Stone's post from right after the deal was announced giving some analysis as to why Amazon was doing it. The home robot angle remains compelling, but Amazon will have to find another path forward...

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Take Me Higher

I'm not saying this is the best remix I've ever heard, and that everyone should immediately apologize to Creed for years or ridicule, I'm just saying you should listen and make such calls yourself...