What If... There Was More Content on the Vision Pro

Disney/Marvel's new app/story leads to the question...
Disney Shares Trailer for Immersive Vision Pro Marvel Story
Disney today shared a trailer for the hour-long interactive and immersive Disney+ Marvel story that is set to come to the Vision Pro on Thursday, May…

Since I crapped on Apple just yesterday for the complete and utter lack of content on the Vision Pro, I figured it was worth linking to Marvel's "What If..." immersive story that is coming to the device next week. While not technically an Apple production, it is Disney, which promised to partner with the company on content for the device. And this looks compelling. It's obviously not fully immersive video, but is instead more like an AR/VR interactive mashup. A game, in a way.

Still, that's good. Apple should have more of this type of content and more of all types of content if they actually want to sell the Vision Pro. And just as importantly, keep people using it. I honestly struggle to find a compelling reason to use my own device on a regular basis now unless it's the exact opportune time – family asleep, there's some movie/show I'd like to watch on a giant screen – to overcome the inherent inconvenience of using the device versus, say, just watching something on your TV or even your Mac/iPad/iPhone.

One thing that would help? More content. A lot of it. And not just short clips every few weeks. This show/story is an hour. Interestingly enough, it's not a part of the Disney+ app, but instead will be its own stand-alone app, despite being branded as Disney+. Presumably that has to do with the payload required to serve up the experience (i.e. it's not just a movie/show you stream).