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Begun, the election season on social media has

Last night we seemed to get a taste of what the next several months are going to be like on social media. And that is: a waking, screaming nightmare of misguided euphoria and prolonged pain.

I speak, of course, of a certain former president being found guilty on all 34 counts on which he was charged in his paying-a-porn-star-hush-money case. Amazingly, all this may ultimately mean is that the US will have its first felon-in-chief come November. So that's fun. But the dialogue around this last night and now bleeding into today on Xitter is pretty unbearable. Post a take people agree with and they love it. Post one they disagree with and it's endless yelling. This is nothing new, of course. But it's more pronounced than it has ever been. Perhaps because of all the recent changes to Xitter. And it's only going to get worse.

In a weird twist of timing, Threads, Meta's would-be Xitter-killer, rolled out their new multi-pane UI to everyone yesterday just ahead of the news. The so-called "ThreadDeck" (because, of course, it looks like the old Twitter power-user UI, Tweetdeck), is really well done. A bigger product upgrade than anything Xitter has done since it became Xitter. It pretty fundamentally changes how you can use Threads, because it makes it feel much more lively and real-time than the single, algorithmic timeline the service had been forcing upon us all.

As I argued a couple weeks ago, the almost anti-real-time feed was a large mistake if Threads truly wanted to compete with Xitter. And now it seems that mistake is being rectified. Not fully yet, but it's a good step. And you could see it in following said news last night. While Xitter was still more "alive" with content, this was the first time I recall Threads nearly keeping up with the barrage of takes on the news. And while Meta has said conflicting things about wanting to put Threads into the flow of that news, they've definitively noted that they wanted to stay out of elevating political topics with this product. We all know and understand why but... good luck separating the two over the next many months.

Me? I may just be gone til November.

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Microsoft’s MacBook Air-Beating Benchmarks – Tom Warren dug a bit deeper into the new Surface performance claims by Microsoft. The key is in the caveats here: these are only against a (fan-less) MacBook Air, and, of course, against the M3 chip, not the newer M4 chip, which is still only in the new iPad Pro. In other words, Microsoft has caught up or surpassed Apple in a pretty limited window of both devices and time. To be clear, the new machines look and sound nice, but the comparisons are most impressive versus the old Surface devices, which is not great news for Intel. The key to all of this remains how well these machines perform in the real world, which we still won't know for a bit. 🏎️

As MLB Changes Its Records, Josh Gibson Enters Beaks RecordsThe Athletic does a nice job breaking down the ramifications of the MLB adding in Negro League stats into their official record books. It was never going to be apples-to-apples, of course, but it's even more nuanced and complicated than you may think given the rules around plate appearances and games played, etc. Interestingly, the COVID-shortened season is what got baseball comfortable with these changes due to the discrepancy in season lengths. ⚾️

Its Future in Doubt, Freewheeling ‘Inside the NBA’ Is on Edge Instead – It's pretty wild that it has come to this, but such is the state of cable, sports, and streaming. Charles Barkley has his out when TNT officially loses the NBA rights next year, but what will the rest of the cast do? If a streamer can recreate the show, there's a pretty big opportunity there. The obvious guess would be Amazon. 🏀

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"So weirdly, he’s kind of the most 'Lord of the Rings' thing in 'Lord of the Rings', and also the first thing you would cut if you were adapting it as a film. But we have the advantage of a television show, and hence we are going to find a way to tap into that."

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