WWDC 2024

Articles leading up to and after Apple's WWDC keynote on June 10, 2024...
Apple Set to be in the Room Where OpenAI Happens
Apple entering OpenAI’s boardroom is all sorts of interesting and wild!
AI is the Feature, Apple Makes the Products
But also: what if Apple *does* need a ChatGPT-like product?
Distribution Runs Thicker...
Meta being in talks for ‘Apple Intelligence’ isn’t a huge shock
The Vision Pro No
The questions mount about the viability of Apple’s Next Big Thing™
The Talk Show in 3D!
This is exactly how the Vision Pro should be used…
With AI, is Apple Getting the Vapors?
Dancing with the ‘vaporware’ devil…
Apple’s End Around Emoji
‘Genmoji’ sound fun, and perhaps devilishly clever 😈
Intelligence by Apple 📧
One thing dominated WWDC…
Apple Fails to Overreact to the AI Revolution
A podcast about WWDC…
Total Recall
Microsoft can’t awaken from their security nightmare
Can Microsoft Build ‘Apple Intelligence’ in Reverse?
The countdown to ‘Microsoft Intelligence’ feels on. Sorry, OpenAI.
“AI” is Apple’s “Voldemort”
Don’t you say it, don’t you dare…
ChatGPT is Free as in Beer for Apple, Right Now
But let’s see what happens if it proves popular…
Did Apple Just End AI’s First Era?
AI’s performance arms race yields to the product arms race…
ChatGPT Will Test Apple’s Fences
Apple is opening itself up to a lot of gray area with AI…
Why So Siri-ous, Indeed
How new Siri parallels old Siri…
The Voice Assistant Who Cried Wolf
Can Siri meet the moment this time?
6 Syllables, 60 Times
“Apple Intelligence” dominated WWDC
Big Mad Over OpenAI and Apple
Elon Musk rides the ballistic boat down Apple’s river
Apple’s Artificial Approach to ‘Apple Intelligence’
Apple is doing “AI” their way, in ways likely good and well, TBD
Hey Siri, Who Powers You Now?
How Apple might handle their partnership with OpenAI…
As Apple AI Arrives, Will Wall Street Buy It? 📧
‘Apple Intelligence’ is a good name, but it is a good narrative?
Jolting Siri Back to Life
Does OpenAI hold the defibrillator?
Apple Opts-In to OpenAI
...and you’ll apparently have to as well
Is Siri About to Get a ChatGPT Brain Transplant?
Or simply an augmentation? Or will Apple finally launch ‘Knowledge Navigator’?
Is a Ferret Burrowing Inside Siri?
Putting some pieces together for Siri’s AI upgrade…
Will OpenAI Bite the Microsoft Hand That Feeds?
A sense of tension between the two sides is inescapable
Apple Secures Their AI Security Angle
Using the ‘Secure Enclave’ to do AI in the cloud makes sense…
Ready or Not, Here Apple AI Comes
Will slow but not fully steady win the race?
Apple’s Rightfully Boring AI Play
Apple is playing catch up, but doesn’t need to sprint
Recall a Time Machine...
Microsoft’s AI strategy should push Apple…
A Crushing Blow 📧
Apple needs to read the room in which they find themselves…
Thunderstruck or Highway to Hell?
Apple’s AI work nears its big reveal…
The iPad Nano Air Pro
Thoughts on Apple’s “Let Loose” iPad Event
Apple’s AI Strategy, At Your Service 📧
The relative calm before the “AI, AI, AI, AI, AI” storm…
On Her Majesty’s Secret Services
Apple reports second quarter resultsApple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2024 second quarter ended March 30, 2024.Apple Newsroom Tim Cook did not bury the lede in the press release for Apple’s Q2 results: “Today Apple is reporting revenue of $90.8 billion for the March quarter, including
Might Apple Rock and Pop OpenAI on Stage at WWDC?
Let’s remember 15 years ago…
Reading Between Apple’s Open Source AI Lines...
Apple’s AI Play with M.G. Siegler What Apple might be up to in the AI space, the robot world, and how the business is doing overall... Big Technology Podcast Alex Kantrowitz Last week I went on Alex Kantrowitz’s Big Technology Podcast to talk all things Apple. But the majority
Apple Ferrets Out UI for AI
Ferret-UI may help Siri understand iOS app interfacesApple’s Ferret LLM could help allow Siri to understand the layout of apps in an iPhone display, potentially increasing the capabilities of Apple’s digital assistant.AppleInsiderMalcolm Owen This isn’t the first we’re hearing about “Ferret” – an AI project inside of Apple,
Apple Odds & Ends Leading Up to WWDC AI Day
Apple Is Rebooting Its Search for a New Next Big ThingApple’s search for a bold new product category is back on, and it includes a foray into robots. Also: The company is preparing new iPads and accompanying accessories for May; the Vision Pro gets another Personas upgrade; and Apple
Apple’s Social Force Ghost Feature
Spatial Personas Make Apple Vision Pro a Less Isolating ExperienceSpatial Persona, Apple Vision Pro’s support for up to five people to watch movies and TV shows, play augmented reality games, and collaborate on work, is rolling out today to make the spatial computing headset more a multi-user experience as
Apple Hints at iOS 18 AI Announcements Coming at WWDC 2024Apple today announced official dates for the 35th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to begin on Monday, June 10. In its…MacRumorsJuli Clover Happy WWDC Dates Announcement Day to those who celebrate.1 I joke, but there are
Outsourcing the aiPhone – At Least to Start...
Apple Is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI FeaturesApple Inc. is in talks to build Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, according to people familiar with the situation, setting the stage for a blockbuster agreement that would shake up the AI industry.BloombergMark Gurman
Can’t Innovate Anymore, My AI!
Apple is right not to rush headlong into generative AIOne day the Vision Pro could exploit the technology to the fullThe EconomistThe Economist It feels like The Economist hits all the right points in this clapback on the current wave of Apple backlash: In short, with its market value down
Lo! The AiPhone Nears...
Apple Boosts Plans to Bring AI to iPhones Apple is quietly increasing its capabilities in artificial intelligence... Financial Times Michael Acton On one hand, all of this feels fairly obvious. Yes, Apple is planning to have AI be a part of the iPhone going forward – just like every company currently